Saturday, April 8, 2017

April 2017

Why is blogging so hard!? It used to be such a regular thing, now nobody does it. I need to keep blogging, because 1-I forget everything and have a terrible memory and 2-I so wish blogs were around when I was little so I could read about my childhood and compare with my kids.

We have had lots of visitors these past few weeks. First Parker and Amy came, then two weeks later Mike and Becca and the kiddos and Grandma Balle came, then Mark and Lisa and the twins came. It has been really fun and great to see everyone! And luckily, this pregnancy has calmed down and I'm feeling pretty great. Huge, but great. I really do feel so big this pregnancy! I'm like 141 pounds right now at 31 weeks. I cant' remember what I was with last ones, but it feels so much harder to bend over and pick stuff up and I just feel fat. I really don't think I felt fat the last times, even though I was. My hips hurt when I sleep and I have to rotate a lot, but my adjustable bed has really helped with that. I was having heart burn, but that has calmed down, and I haven't really had bad leg cramps. only a couple times have I had to jump out of bed, but it was never terrible. Granted, I still have 8 weeks, so we will see how I'm feeling then.

Dr Daskalos is my Dr. I really like him. He said he will induce me at 39 weeks, so June 2nd is our day! Let's hope it doesn't last two days like with Brixton. I can't believe I only have 8 weeks left! All of a sudden things are moving fast, finally! I'm so beyond grateful I am no longer sick. I don't know how I could have done that for an entire pregnancy. I'm already wishing we could try for a baby girl after this baby, but I really don't think my body should do this pregnancy thing again (or my family). Which makes me sad and envious of easy pregnancies. Who knows, 3 is a good number, I may feel done anyway. But what about my daughter? Maybe we will adopt...

I'm not feeling super bonded to this baby. I can't remember how I felt with the last two, so maybe this is how I always am? I told you I have bad memory. Luckily, once they are born, I bond pretty fast, so I'm not worried about bonding with my baby later on. It's just now that I feel pretty detached. I do like feeling him move around though. It's so cool!

I'm sleeping pretty good, other than having to turn over a lot in the night due to my hips, my cough, and my congested nose. But I don't have to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night yet! Woo hoo! 31 weeks and going strong ;) I do have to be careful every time I cough or sneeze though, because this baby must be sitting on my bladder now, yeah not fun.

We don't have a name yet. Names are hard and frustrating. I always want to pick them before baby arrives, and I never do. Our top two are Soren and Everett. But also like Benson (if he's not Ben), James (maybe), and Porter. But I don't know. I feel like we are boy named out haha. C'est la vie.

Anyway, I am excited about a new baby in the house. I do love baby snuggles. Just kind of nervous to be in charge of three little people (and to lose my wonderful sleep again). Two is so doable! Every time I take them swimming, or to the store, or on bike ride, or the playground, I keep thinking, how am I going to do this alone with 3? I guess I will figure it out. Hopefully he's a good baby. He owes me!

I do worry about my little Brixton.  He's become my close little buddy and he LOVES to be the baby. And honestly, he IS my baby right now. I adore him and we are very close. We always snuggle, and sit together, and he comes in my bed in the night every night, so we even sleep together. He has to always help me cook, or brush my hair, or paint my nails...he likes to do anything I'm doing. He doesn't like when I leave him to go shower, so I have to warn him I'll be gone for a few minutes, and he usually comes to check on me to give me a hug. It's going to be so hard for him to lose that. He always gives me huggies and kisses and it's all day long. It's really sweet. He's so lovey and sweet to his mama. He likes to be carried around and be the one on my lap, and luckily, Dawson is ok with that! Dawson is a sweetheart, and he's much more independent and I really don't think this baby will be hard on him. Brixton's birth wasn't even very hard on him. But Brixton is definitely a different child, and he expects more mommy attention. It makes me kind of sad to think we will lose our special bond. We will still be close I know, but it will be different. He will have to learn to be more independent and it will just change everything. I know I need to get him out of my bed at night, but I've gotten so used to it and kind of love having him there to look at in the night and make sure he's safe and then see him sleeping in the morning. I used to hate having him in my bed, but now it's just our thing. But I don't think it will work very well when I'm nursing a newborn all night.

Dawson is getting so big. I love his age. He's super easy! Maybe it's just him haha, but 5.5 is a pretty low maintenance age. Or maybe Brixton is just really high maintenance so it seems that way ;)
He just learned to ride a bike! He literally learned within 15 minutes of buying the bike and trying it out. I was super impressed. He LOVES it! It took him a week to figure out how to start and stop on him own, but now he's totally independent with it. And Brixton moved to the Balance Bike and loves it! Now i can't even keep up with them when we go to the park. They are both so fast. D loves PJ masks and is still obsessed with his cousin Emery. They love to facetime each other and we have to force them to get off eventually. THey crack me up. HE loves preschool and the kids all love him in there. He's really sweet and patient with Brixton, but Brixton loves to push his buttons, so he does get pretty upset with him now. They are starting to fight more, dang it! They still play really well though luckily. It's going to be hard when he goes to school all day. He's nervous for kindergarten and I don't blame him. It's a full day and I hate that! He loves me to read chapter books to him now. We read our first one, the one about he boy who everything he eats turns to chocolate, and he loved it! So now we read a chapter book every ngiht. He's getting so big and it's so fun! I love reading the books with him. He's a fast learner and is really getting this reading thing down! I just need to be a better teacher.

Well, I'll try to keep updating. Since this is my last (I think?) pregnancy, I need to document it! I sure love our little family and am happy with life. :)

 Their favorite thing is still "yesteling" their daddy.

 And I do the haircuts around here. Still figuring out the boy cut, but getting more confident.

 And I let my children pee outside. Yep. That's the beauty of being a boy, right?

Discovered this bounce house in Corvallis and we LOVE it! yay for rainy day activities since it rains here constantly! Dawson said the other day, I don't like Oregon, it rains too much here. And he's kinda right. But we like it ok anyway ;)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Brixton boy-3 Years Old

My Brixton boy turned 3! He's getting so big, but he is still so much my little baby. I guess that's what happens when they are the youngest. His cheeks are so soft and squishy, I kiss them all day. And he is such a mama's boy. He constantly wants to be on my lap or hip. Whenever I'm sitting down he is trying to sit on me. I tell him to sit on his own chair and I says, "but I wuv your lap" and he climbs on the table or on the other side of me and sneaks onto my lap. It gets kind of tiring, but is also super sweet. It's just not super comfortable with my growing belly.
He really is the best cuddler. It's not so great in the middle of the night, when he is plastered again my back, but it's nice when we
are falling asleep. I always give him his pillow, but he just moves over to mine and our heads have to be touching. He likes that physical touch. I tried putting a pillow between us, but he noticed in the middle of the night and moved it out of the way, then put his entire body agains mine. My hips hurt because I can't roll over or move all night.

He is so great at talking. I love when kids can express themselves verbally, he says the funniest things. He is obsessed with getting his back (and arms and legs and tummy) tickled at night. The other night he said, "mama tickle me."
"No, you tickle me Brixt."
"I can't. I lost my tickles. We need to find them."
"oh no. How do we get you more tickles?"
"Daddy gives them to me and puts them in my finger nails."
It was so random and funny, but he acted like he knew exactly what he was talking about.
He told me today, he was going to turn the baby into a girl with his magic, because he wants a girl. He also gives the baby lots of belly kisses and says "I love yours baby." "Baby ready to come out now?""Aw, yous baby is so cute." Something tells me he won't be super excited once baby comes out and takes away mama time, but we will see. ;)

He is funny with a lot of the letters at beginning of words. He doesn't say the "s, f, g, j, sh, ch..." He says the "h" sound instead. "hama hit by me (Grandma sit by me)"Hiffin, don't eat my hood! (Griffin, don't eat my food) "I horry. (I sorry)" "Hing ball hong (sing ball song)-that one took me awhile to figure out) I'm usually pretty good at figuring out what he means, but sometimes it's a challenge. He has a great vocabulary though. Right now he is doing this thing where he will do something wrong or by accident and then start yelling and hugging me saying "mama, I horry. I horry. I horry. I horry, i horry (sorry)!" Until I can finally get him to stop saying it and find out what he did wrong. In the grocery store he took grape out of the bag and dropped it thru the cart. He stood up and started yelling how sorry he was.
He still has a much stronger personality than Dawson. If kids are mean or bug him he will yell awkwardly loud at them and say "I'm gonna hit you, you mean kid!"Then he holds his fist back behind his shoulder ready to strike. He usually doesn't hit too often, just threatens ;) But when he loves you, he is SO sweet and let's you know it. He is constantly telling me how much he loves me. "mama, I love you ho (so) much." He keeps me on my toes, that's for sure.

He loved his birthday party in utah and gave everyone hugs after he opened their present. He's a good boy and is actually pretty obedient (if he's not throwing a tantrum). Happy Birthday to my sweetest little cuddle bug!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

October to December 2016

The littles and I  have been living in Utah since October 20th. It's now December 15th. The time has gone really fast, probably because I was a shell and just laid in bed not doing anything. I don't think a lot of people read blogs anymore, so I feel safe saying (without doing a cute announcement ;)) that I am 15 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy came as quite a surprise (which I am happy about, because I love being surprised) and has already cost us a lot financially, emotionally, and me physically- yet we are so grateful for this little babe already. My mom was here when we went and bought a pregnancy test and she wanted to be the one to tell me positive or not. So I let her do the honors. But she wasn't sure and finally showed me the faint line. We weren't positive, so we went back to the store and bought a new one that said "pregnant" or not on it. That made us feel better ;) And sure enough, I was pregnant. I was pretty shocked!

Even at my sickest (and to my surprise) I never wanted this pregnancy to end in miscarriage. I would have maybe been temporarily relieved to feel better, but still didn't wish it. I got sick at 4.5 weeks! And by 5.5 weeks I was so sick I just laid in bed all day (besides puking at the toilet non stop) and sobbed. I called my mom crying uncontrollably and we decided I needed to move in with her for awhile. 

Anyway, long story short, I got sicker, stopped eating and drinking, yet continually dry heaving and feeling so nauseous. It was terrible. I literally wanted to die I was so miserable. My body hurt inside because my organs were starting to shut down and I could hardly move to get to toilet in time. I was already taking nausea medication and it wasn't touching it. I was lucky to get a creamy popsicle in a day. I FINALLY worked it out with my Dr to go get fluids at the infusion center. I was so dehydrated and just white. I looked terrible.  I threw up arriving there and then leaving there. For weeks. I started going to the hospital everyday for 2.5-3.5 hours a day to get 2 liters of fluids and vitamins. I still wasn't eating, and still felt terrible, but at least I was getting fluids. After a few weeks, I was able to try a Boost drink, with the nurses mean lecturing on how I need to eat. I was down 10 pounds already. After trying the Boost I started to get feeling so much better. Still horribly sick, but nothing like I was. So by almost 10 weeks pregnant, I started feeling more myself. I was still so exhausted and weak, and still couldn't do much, but lay in bed, but I was starting to eat a little and getting my IV fluids everyday, because drinking sounded horrible. I even took my first shower (before that I was too weak to stand up, so I had to have baths and my mom had to wash my hair for me). Bless her.

I finally got to see the Dr at 10 weeks! She said I was 1 pound away from needing a feeding tube. I told her I was doing a lot better, and was starting to eat! So she starting seeing me weekly to make sure I was putting on some weight. I didn't at first, but then at 12 weeks, I had gained some weight. I stopped getting Reglan in my IVs and I didn't miss it. I realized it was giving me anxiety. I would freak out at night about an earthquake coming and not being able to go to my fluids, because I would die without them (valid fear). Then I was scared an earthquake would come and the hill behind our house would come down and bury us all alive. I was seriously freaked out about this. I kept trying to plan how I would get the strength to run and carry both boys to safety, before the house got buried by the big hill. Now in all fairness to me, these two things really could have happened and are freaky, but until I stopped Reglan, I didn't realize how anxious I really was about the "what if" of an earthquake while I'm here. Plus it just made me tired and feel yucky. So I stopped that.
My Dr wanted me to up my Zofran dosage and take it more regularly, and it did start helping me! So now I am feeling SO much better. 

I am now a week into my second trimester and I really can feel the difference! I have more energy to take care of myself and to play with the kids and even get out of the house. I still need to take it easy and can't walk or stand for very long, but oh man, I feel like a human being again. And I talk again! I used to just sit there without any energy to even talk. I'm starting to do my hair and makeup-ish again, and I can eat! Drinking is still a struggle. i have to force myself all day to drink, and I am still not getting enough. Maybe 40 ounces if i'm lucky, where I should be getting about 60. :/ So I/m still getting infusions, just now its every 5 days or so instead of daily, which makes me happy. I still can't drink water, at least I refuse to try because the thought of it makes me feel sick. I'm now 110 pounds, my pre pregnancy weight was 113, so I'm getting there. My blood pressure is still really low, but that's due to dehydration. 

Anyway, that's my story. Brixton has been really difficult. It's probably the stress of moving to Utah and me not being there for him. (He's a big mama's boy and just smelling him made me so sick, I couldn't even cuddle much at first). My poor mom is exhausted and so am I. Luckily, my dear in laws have been taking the boys every weekend to give us a break and boy do we appreciate it and look forward to it! Brixton is doing better lately now too though, but I've also made sure to have him asleep by 7, since he's up by 7. His tantrums are just long and loud, and he is a stubborn little thing! But when he's sweet, he's the sweetest, so I'll keep him ;) He always says "mama, I love you." Then he kisses me and then kisses my tummy and says he "loves baby". He tells me he loves me all day long. It's really sweet. we will be driving and he just says, "mama, I love you." He also says he has a baby in his tummy and it's a girl and he has to be carried or feels sick cuz of the baby in his tummy. He is obsessed with being carried lately. He says he "can't walk" He's 30 pounds now, and I'm so weak, it is hard to carry him, but then he throws a tantrum if I don't. Oh and he will no longer sleep in his pack n play, so now he sleeps with me in my bed. I can't believe it has come to this! haha. If I sneak him in his bed after he falls asleep, he is always back in my bed in the middle of the night, and he makes me tickle him in the night, so it's been easier to let him just stay in bed with me. Sigh

Dawson has been great. He loves being here and seeing family. Especially playing with Emery and Jack. He is so sweet always tells me "i'm sowwy you're sick mama" He's pretty independent, and I feel bad sometimes because Brixton gets all the attention, since Dawson is so easy. He's learning to read and loves it. He's a fast learner. He's so kind and patient with Brixton. They both got ice cream cones the other day, and we ate them in the car....Then Griffin (the dog), jumped up and stole Brixton's whole ice cream cone and ate it. B started crying. Dawson said it's ok Brixton, you can have mine, and he gave him his brand new ice cream cone. It was really sweet. I wouldn't have done that as a kid. He's just a good boy. He loves finding the elf on the shelf everyday. I told him I hope I have a flying dream at night because that's my favorite dream. He said he hopes he has the dream where he is playing with Emery and Jack because that is the best dream ever. He's a little obsessed with them. 

Anyway, things have been interesting these last few months. I'll be happy when I'm feeling back to my normal self and I can get back to my life. Can't wait to find out baby's gender. I'm honestly just hoping and praying for a happy, healthy baby. But I would be pretty thrilled for a baby girl. We shall see.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 2016

Well it feels like home. We have been here 6 weeks now. It has flown by crazy fast. But all of life does, right? Sometimes I forget that I'm not quite 30 yet, because I already feel like I'm in my 30s because I know that before I know it I will be in my 30s and that it goes by that fast. People always tell me, enjoy life because you take it all for granted and then it's gone...but I think I have the opposite problem, I do know that it goes fast, and I do appreciate each moment, but almost too much, in that I can't enjoy it enough because I know it will be gone soon. And it makes me feel old. Like I know I will be old before I know it, so I'm already thinking I'm out of my 20s and even 30s. Anyway, random, but true Malori thoughts. They just jump out sometimes.

we had a little family camp out in the backyard for the 4th. It was actually a ton of fun, and we did a fire with smores and hobo dinners. We all loved it. We were all looking up at the stars as a family and Dawson said he wished he could see a shooting star. Just then a HUGE shooting star shot by and all 4 of us saw it and yelled to look at it. It was a pretty cool moment. It was super dark that night and you couldnt see any stars, but we still got to see our shooting star. It was the biggest one I've ever seen. I was happy we all saw it together. Magical :)

How is residency going..... I didn't really know what to expect with a lot of things regarding moving here. What owning a house would be like, what our neighborhood and ward would be like, what having him gone during residency would be like for me and for him. Granted, we aren't too far in yet. Which is why I want to write now. I want to say how it feels now, at this moment, and then compare it to a year later, or even to the end of residency. I wish I would have written more during med school...maybe i did, I haven't gone back to check, but I feel like I didn't.

Anyway, the owning a house gig is awesome. I just feel so much more attached and at home knowing that it is in fact our home! The house is perfect for us. It's 1,600 square feet, which I thought was too small, but it's not at all. It's just what we need. (ok I would like a bigger photo studio and a playroom, but I'll live) It's enough house for me to keep up on. I love the yard so much. We have a little garden growing, and with the fenced yard and the play set, we have a lot of fun out there. I have never had a fenced yard before with the kids, and it makes parenting a lot easier. So far we haven't had to do any handy-man things to the house, so it has been easy to handle. (just wait until something breaks, like a toilet) Oh side note, we found out after moving in, that this house is remodeled so well because it is known as the "fire house". Yeah it started on fire like a year and a half ago and they pretty much had to re-build a lot of the inside. And Side-side note, we also didn't know until we were pretty far into the paperwork of it all, that this home doesn't have AC, which I guess is fairly common for older homes here. So yay! hasn't been to bad, which is a bad and good thing, because it's good, yet bad that it doesn't get hot enough here in the summer to make me need AC!

Our neighborhood is quiet. Nothing too exciting. At first I was worried, because neighbor kids started coming over when we moved in and wanting to play in our backyard, and it stressed me out having them destroy my plants and they were older, and I didn't know what they would be teaching Dawson. So I cursed living in a neighborhood with homes so close together, because i was not up to having my doorbell ring all day wanting to play...But, I'm happily surprised that it has died down a ton. The kids I was worried about, never come over and we don't have anyone knocking at our door. So yay. Problem solved...for now. I just feel like Dawson is still pretty young. Give me a year or two!

First Impressions of Oregon....The speed limit signs only say SPEED 50. no limit. It is always sunny here in the summer. Like it doesn't get dark. It's bright until 10 pm and is bright again by 5 AM. It makes going to bed hard, but getting up super early easy. And it's cold. It's okay now, but it has been in like the 70s most of the time, which is super weird for summer. I wear jackets and jeans, so I guess it's nice weather, but not really summer weather. The don't let you fill up your own gas, which is just strange, yet nice. Especially when it gets cold. I get to just stay in the car. Except today, the filler up gas lady was super busy and my gas was finished filling up, and all I had to do was get out and take it out of my car, but I had to sit there and wait for her to help everyone else and then come back and do that for me. I'm not sure why it is this way, I should look it up. Other than that, it doesn't feel too different.

I am dreading the rains. So much. I feel like I already can't wait to move, because I hate the winters here. Even though I have never experienced an Oregon winter, it sounds miserable, especially with kids. And it starts raining in September! So they only have like 3 months of good weather all year! Why would I want to live this way forever! yeah, I'm already saying I'm out of there after residency, but who knows, I could change my mind, and I do like that they don't have snow, so maybe it won't be so bad after all.

My photography business is a challenge, as I knew it would be. It's hard starting fresh. I'm ready to work! and yet I don't have any clients. I want to improve, and make money, and keep busy, but not sure how to get my name out there successfully. If this business ever becomes successful, I will be super proud and just thrilled. sigh. Maybe one day.

The BOYS- Dawson- he's almost 5! How can that be?! He's still so cute and little, so I'm glad he's not too old yet. He still has a cute little boy voice, and can't say his "r's" vewy well. he's a really good boy. He's very obedient and kind and good. He's so good with Brixton. The other day we were heading to the park and I came downstairs and Dawson had put his and B's shoes on all by himself! It was so cute and nice for me! He still loves Pokemon, and dressing up as super heroes. He loves to get into my things or anything he's not supposed to. He loves my clothes as his costumes, and he loves my jewelry and makeup to use for his power ranger gear. (I don't like it so much! ;)) He is liking Oregon, but he keeps asking when we are going back to Utah. He misses his grandparents a lot, but most of all he misses Emery and Jack (his 2nd cousins or something like that). We were reading the Purple Crayon book, where the boy draws whatever he wants with the crayon like the moon, and side walk, and trees, etc, and then they are real. I asked Dawson what he would draw with it, and he said Emery and Jack so they could always play with me. Made me feel sad that we are so far away. But he has some new friends that he really loves here too. The Dixon's moved in the same time as us, and our hubbies are doing residency together. They live a block away, so it's super nice! I don't know what I would do without them. It's so nice to have automatic friends when you move somewhere new.  BAck to Dawson, he says such funny things. He has hand cuffs and the other day he said "I could handcuff Emery. She would scream. She would scream like a little boy!" "But if Brixton grows up and says that he wants to marry me, I will marry him." My mom asked him what he would do if he was at a friends house and the friend had his dad's gun. "I would do my power ranger moves on him!" Yeah, we gotta work on that one. There was a kid with a leash the other day and he said "oh my gosh! That Daddy thinks that kid is a pet!) Kristian and I laugh pretty hard at what he says. He does get easily offended and will start crying pretty fast, so you have to be careful with how you scold him. haha. he's tender. he also isn't a big animal fan and always wants to leave pet stores cuz they smell. he's funny, and we love him.

Brixton-- He's still my little cling on. He's also a feisty one. He has a much stronger personality than Dawson, and he usually gets what he wants. He still picks on Dawson and Dawson will just cry. I try to tell Dawson to stand up for himself and he's way bigger than him, but it doesn't happen very often. Brixton will get mad and hit people. Dawson never hits so it's weird to have a hitter. lol. Luckily his hits are still wimpy, but hopefully he outgrows that. BUT, when he isn't in a mischievous mood, he is a really good friend to Dawson. They get a long really well and play a lot together most of the time.  And he is a very empathetic child. He is concerned about others and if I'm ever tired to hurt he is always so concerned and says "sorry mama. head hurt? oh. sorry mama" and will pat my leg. Dawson kind of just ignores me in that situation. lol He is my little cuddle bug still. He always wants me to sit with him, or he wants to be on my lap or holding my hand. And I love it. He's just so dang cute it's hard to get mad at him. He has the cutest little talking voice, so even if he's naughty, Kristian and I can't get mad because his sweet little voice sounds so darling. His favorite sayings right now are "what the heck!" "that weird" "No way!" "Hi mama" He's such a good talker. Although he can't really say his "s" for yes he says it with a lisp, "yeth" and for words that begin with s, he usually substitutes those with an "h" or something else totally random. for Sit with you he says "hit you" or soap he says "hope" or sing ball song he says "hing ball hong" (that one took me awhile to figure out what he was saying.) He is still a great napper (hallelujah) He has been napping 3-4 hours since we moved here! I get so much done, and a nap in ;) He's a good boy. He listens and isn't too crazy. Both my boys are pretty calm boys, espcially for being boys. haha. They are so much fun!

Anyway, Kristian's first month was a breeze. Endo was a great rotation and he was home early like 2 a lot of days. he also only worked for like 3 hours Friday's. So we were happy. But alas, it didn't last, and now the month of craziness is here. I'll let you konw how we survive. I'm not quite sure yet how it will go. So far, he is exhausted and doesn't know how he will do it, and it's only been 2 days. So shoot.  He has been getting up at 4 AM and working until 10 pm. Like literally working until then. He doesn't have enough time in the day to get it all done, and then he only gets 4 days off for the entire month! so he doesn't really get a break to catch his breath! It will be my first Sunday alone at church this Sunday, so hopefully it goes OK. We will get thru it! I'm doing great emotionally and mentally. I've been keeping myself super busy wiht house stuff and garden and everything, so i've been doing surprisingly well. I hope it lasts! Not sure if it will when the sun goes away and we are stuck inside becuase of the cold rain. But maybe it will be fine :) I have been having tired eyes. I do'nt know how else to explain it, but my eyes feel tired a lot. It's a horrible feeling and I really hope it's not going to stay forever or get worse! I've had dreams where I can't keep my eyes open to see and it's super stressful, and I hope this isn't what will happen eventually. I think I spend too much time editing photos (but I do'nt have much of a choice) and on my phone. I'm trying to limit electronics and hopefully that will help. I don't konw. I need ot see an eye Dr!
Life is good. We are happy and getting thru it all. kristian is having the hardest time out of all of us. With all the stress adn pressure and he's homesick. So hopefully he will get in a routine and love it.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

We are now Oregonites/Oregonians....Yep, better learn which one that is

June 10-We are here! It all went pretty smoothly. Brixton was amazing in the car! Dawson actually complained more, which surprised me. We stopped at a hotel after about 8 hours or so and saved the extra 5 hours for the next day. We didn't leave until after 9 am to start the road trip, so the boys got to sleep in and be fully refreshed for the drive. We woke up and then met my mom at my grandparents house to water their plants while they are away, then we left from there. I had lots of surprises on hand, (thanks to Lisa for giving me 13 wrapped presents each too!) so  that helped a lot.   Except as soon as we got to the house they kept asking for their next prize. Yeah, not sure they get how that worked.

My mom and I went to Ikea in Portland since we had time before we could close on the house (we were waiting for them to call us with the keys). It was a mistake. It started out like a good idea, but it got exhausting fast and we couldn't get the H out of there. They boys were crazy hyper after driving 2 days straight so they were jumping and running all over the place. It was stressful for me. Then when we finally left, traffic was horrible! And they text that the key was ready! But I had to pick it up by 5 pm before they close for the weekend. And all of a sudden our GPS was saying we wouldn't arrive until 4:40 (cutting it close!) And then I had the carpet people coming too. SO....I was starting to panic a little. And we were literally at a full stop on the freeway. Anyway, we drove 2 hours and finally made it to pick up the key and got to our house. The carpet people were running late, so I just cancelled with them and called a new place to do it in the morning.

Happy to be stopping at our hotel after day of driving. 

         When we arrived, it was freezing, but B couldn't wait to go play. He was so                                        wet so I undressed him and he ran out to play. His teeth were chattering. They LOVE their new playset

                                                       Playing at the hotel pool.

Grandma Ann, is so loved . She helped us so much! 

Kristian and Connor met us late that night with the truck, so we had to stay up and wait for them to bring the mattresses. We were all exhausted. And then when we pulled up, I told my mom, "what if I can't flush the toilet or something? I feel like it will be broken." We also expected the house to be super dirty and we were both way nervous to see what I actually bought. Since I really had no idea! Anyway, house looked great and clean and the boys were so excited about the playset out back! They live on that! My mom used a toilet and said it works great, so then I used it and it wouldn't flush! Wha!?! Then I go to the sink and tell my mom the water pressure is horrible here. Come to find out, the water was shut off and we had no idea we were supposed to get it put back on!!! So we had no water. I tried calling the water company and they will NOT work outside of office hours, so I barely missed them and it was a Friday, so they wouldn't be back in until Monday! Then they said it take a day to come to you, so I was assuming no water until Tuesday. By then, I was starting to have a little meltdown. (Although I didn't cry, go me). We had my mom and Kristian's brother, and NO toilets or showers (which we were all needing after loading everything into the house and driving for days) We were all upset.

We called around for camper toilets, and were thinking how we could put one in the shed out back. But that sounded horrible for all of us to have to use that. blah. Finally, my smart grandpa told us you can pour water down the toilet to get it to flush! So we bought big gallon waters (which were $1 each here!) and we had to carry two jugs up the stairs when you needed to go #2. So yay, everybody got to know! And of course, the water went super fast and got really expensive. We had to flush pee too, because it started to smell like an outhouse! We slept at the house the first night, the second day we were like, this is a pain and where are we going to shower! We finally sucked it up, and bought Connor and Kristian a hotel that we could all use to shower. Then my mom and I stayed at the house with the littles. Our internet didn't work either, so my mom and I left the kids and spent a few hours at Starbucks using the toilet freely and catching up on internet things. It was lovely.
ANYWAY, it was stressful, but we made it work. You don't realize how often you need water, especially for cleaning a new house or watering the poor little garden outside that is starting to die from lack of water. I called them first thing Monday, and they were here to turn the water back on by Monday afternoon. It was a happy day. And now, we really appreciate water and how readily we have it.

It was so nice having my mom. She is an amazing help. I felt pretty overwhelmed with everything, but she just tackled it all. Kristian and I went to church and left the kids with my mom and by the time we were done with Sacrament, she had the kitchen all cleaned and put away. I was impressed.
It's SO cold here. Like, 50s and rainy and windy. So that's a little worrisome, since I love my hot summer weather. But they are telling me it will warm up in July, so I guess they have a late summer. And It's super bright. It stays bright until like 10 pm and is bright by like 5 AM. So we are all up early and up late. The boys are tired. We all have sore throats from the allergies here, so hopefully that clears soon. Well, enough of the negatives. We LOVE the house. It's so exciting to have our OWN home! We just are having a blast with it. To get so much space feels amazing! And to have a yard that we can garden adn do what we want with, is actually really fun! We are excited. We are dreading Kristian's residency schedule, but excited to be here. My mom has taken us to get frozen yogurt twice, and it's our new favorite place. I wish we could play more while she is here, but there is so much work to do. So next time

More to come!

Our Wedding day

Our Wedding day
Just married

San Francisco

San Francisco

Midway Winter

Midway Winter
Kristian digging his car out

California Winter

California Winter
Kristian going for our December walk